Counselling and Personal Development Explained

yjpeg small softI know that relationships are perhaps our most important human experiencas is our search for happiness and contentment.

 I offer brief, effective professional assistance in:

  • Relationships of all kinds.
  • Finding and maintaining emotional resilience, resolving inner conflicts and improving self esteem.
  • Navigating and managing the challenges of life such as midlife crises, choices, personal development and wellbeing.

At Brisbane Counselling because I know we are each unique, I take a holistic Mind Body Soul approach to you as a person in accompanying you on your journey and am well equipped and highly experienced at helping you make the changes you want.

 I am here to help you with:

  1. Marriage counselling.

  2. Couples Counselling,

  3. Bereavement and moving on.

  4. Pre-marriage Counselling.

  5. Divorce and separation counselling.

  6. Family Counselling.

  7. Parenting counselling.

  8. Midlife crisis.

  9. Emotional resilience

  10. Emotional intelligence

  11. Crossroads of life.

  12. Making choices.

With my unique approach and a readiness for change you may move into a better way of being relatively quickly.

Helping you with-

  1. Panic attack

  2. Depression

  3. Self Esteem

  4. Anger management, Anger issues and resolutions.

  5. Bereavement. Letting go of the past.

On a personal level you may be requiring help with relationships such as-.

  1. Wanting to put your relationship back on track,

  2. Going through a separation or divorce

  3. Needing help in moving on after separation ,

  4. Wanting to improve your communication skills

  5. Wanting more closeness or deeper intimacy with loved ones,

These are important milestones in your life for which counselling can be of invaluable assistance.

At Brisbane Relationship, Counselling and psychotherapy I specialize in marriage counselling, couples counselling, improving relationships with family members, children, friends and colleagues. These are all areas that I can help you with if you are ready for change.

Brisbane Relationship, Counselling and psychotherapy also specialises in emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger management or low self esteem, knowing that these are issues that can hold you back from embracing life. I can help you access your personal resources and strengths so that you may embrace life more fully.

Brisbane Counselling offers:

  1. Personal development books. Number One Best Sellers written by Yildiz Sethi. Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual
  2. Personal development seminars
  3. Family Constellation Workshops and private sessions and Family Constellations training.
  4. Phone or Skype sessions
  5. Couples sessions
  6. Individual sessions
  7. Testimonials.

    “I came to you after many years of depression. I can’t believe that after just a few sessions, how well I am feeling. I have appreciated your sensitivity and skill. Thanks so much.” Julie 32 years old.

    “My husband and I needed help in our marriage. It was so good to resolve those under lying triggers. We both learned such a lot about ourselves and each other. Our whole family is now benefitting from the change. I  can’t recommend you enough”. Peter and Jenny

    “ I had been looking for someone who could help me go to the next step in my personal and professional development. i am moving forward and making more conscious choices and I have moved into larger realms of awareness giving me a new perspective on life in a grounded and exciting way. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.” David 43.

    Services offered by Brisbane Counselling Fees

    Marriage counselling to help you improve your relationship on many levels
    Emotional help to help you feel better about yourself.
    Executive Coaching. to help you take the next step in achieving your dreams
    Professional Development. We offer professional development for therapists and people involved in personal development.
    Family Constellations is the powerful, experiential way of helping you improving relationships.
    Business Constellations a powerful solution focused way of looking at your business dynamics and possible solutions.
    Professional Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists for personal and professional support and growth.