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At Brisbane Counselling I know we are each unique, For this reason take a holistic Mind Body Soul approach to you as a person in accompanying you on your journey and am well equipped and highly experienced ...


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Free your mind to go beyond Limitation. Author. Speaker. Teacher/Facilitator Brisbane Counselling Many people who are well seek growth and expansion. This is part of the human quest to be the ...


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I am an experienced relationship therapist. I know that relationships are perhaps our most important human experiences is our search for happiness and contentment. At Brisbane Relationship, Counselling ...




I am a brief therapist. This means that 3-5 sessions only are recommended for most people for positive change.
Please contact me to see if this is suitable for you.

I have no reservation at showing my fees. I know that other counsellors may charge less. However I know that my skills and methods are of the highest quality for speedy resolution for those of you who are ready for change.

For most people only 3-5 sessions are required for positive change or resolution, rather than months or years of therapy, making my services extremely cost effective.

Many private health fund rebates available


Counselling/psychotherapy Individuals or couples.  $130.
Rapid Core healing RCH /or EMI $200 RCH More details

EMI More Details

Family Constellations  or Business Constellations
private sessions.
$300 Details Or Workshop
Business Constellations
Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development-

Includes resolving block.

(Constellations not included.)

Package 3/5 sessions 10% discount if paid on first session
Business Constellations
Spiritual Growth,
Spiritual Development

Package 3/5 sessions 10% discount if paid on first session


Professional development monthly workshops and Family Constellation training

There is no time like the present.

For queries or bookings  Phone Now on  0412 172 300 OR