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At Brisbane Counselling I know we are each unique, For this reason take a holistic Mind Body Soul approach to you as a person in accompanying you on your journey and am well equipped and highly experienced ...


Personal Development


Free your mind to go beyond Limitation. Author. Speaker. Teacher/Facilitator Brisbane Counselling Many people who are well seek growth and expansion. This is part of the human quest to be the ...


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I am an experienced relationship therapist. I know that relationships are perhaps our most important human experiences is our search for happiness and contentment. At Brisbane Relationship, Counselling ...


Personal Development

Personal Development

 Free your mind to go beyond Limitation.

 Author. Speaker. Teacher/Facilitator

Many people who are well seek growth and expansion. This is part of the human quest to be the best that we can be.

We want to feel good about ourselves and we know if this is the case this must flow through all aspects of our lives. It can flow into our confidence, clarity, compassion, relationships, communication, aspirations, ambitions and achievements. There is no better place to start than with but you first.

We create our reality with our beliefs, dreams, passion and where we choose to focus. Luckily these are all things that are within our control, once we become aware of both our conscious and unconscious motivations.

If we feel good about ourselves, in a grounded way and have the ability and courage to pursue our dreams and passions, paradigms can shift and new horizons can open up.

Perhaps you have already done some personal development or coaching and are looking for something more. A way of breaking through into new paradigms that involves resolving or removing blocks or changing beliefs, values or choices. In this unique approach to Executive Coaching, your past experiences, both the challenging and the successful can become the bedrock of wisdom on which new growth can take seed. One of the leading edge professional tools I use is Business Constellations.

For Personal Development you may engage in her books or workshops or have private one on one sessions or by phone or skype.

Yildiz is the author of Two Number One Best sellers on Amazon in Personal Development.

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I offer:

  1. Personal Development

  2. Personal growth

  3. Personal Development Tools

  4. personal Development skills

  5. Executive Coaching

  6. Mentoring

  7. Emotional resilience

  8. Emotional intelligence

  9. Goal formation and achievement

  10. Realising your dreams

  11. Stress reduction

  12. Stress management

    On a professional level perhaps you may like to

  1. Improve your interaction with colleagues, employees or employers,

  2. Work more effectively with your team.

  3. Direct your team or business with strength, vision and compassion

  4. Take the next step in your professional life

  5. Realistically formulate and realise your dreams

I am available for individual sessions or group sessions with business teams providing effective, practical, professional and personal development.

                       Success, Wealth and Peace of Mind are attainable

This includes good relationships – personal and business, forming and accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your potential and the tools and the wisdom for stress reduction.

Helping you manage your team with

  1. Mediation

  2. Conflict resolution

  3. Team motivation,

  4. Personal and team Goal setting.

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Brisbane Counselling looking after your needs in

Executive Coaching, Personal Development and Relationships

assisting you in creating Health, Wealth and Success.

For more information of personal development and books go to Yildiz Sethi  

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