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At Brisbane Counselling I know we are each unique, For this reason take a holistic Mind Body Soul approach to you as a person in accompanying you on your journey and am well equipped and highly experienced ...


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Free your mind to go beyond Limitation. Author. Speaker. Teacher/Facilitator Brisbane Counselling Many people who are well seek growth and expansion. This is part of the human quest to be the ...


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I am an experienced relationship therapist. I know that relationships are perhaps our most important human experiences is our search for happiness and contentment. At Brisbane Relationship, Counselling ...


Author: Yildiz

Yildiz Sethi was a Physics and Chemistry teacher for many years before an encounter with two Vedic astrologers’ in one week while on holiday at a particularly sensitive point in her life. This experience was so profound that she became enthralled by this spiritual science and entered a deep study of Vedic astrology and karmic patterns, which resulted in the termination of science teaching (which she had enjoyed until this point), to embark on a career as a Vedic astrologer. This led to further studies in counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and finally Family Constellations to help herself and others change their karmic patterns. This is a culmination of Yildiz’s own life journey as a fellow human being, science teacher, psychotherapist, Vedic astrologer and personal development facilitator and trainer.